work with me

Let me take some of your stress away by sharing my zone of genius in three helpful ways:

  1. Strategize with you to create the best outcomes for yourself and your attendees.
  2. Manage all the details from idea stage to the last guest leaving.
  3. Consult on the plan you have created and offer any tweaks, suggestions or changes to make your plan the best it can be.

Strategy Session


Create an entire plan of action.

Price depends on size of event

Meet with your team, brainstorm ideas & create a plan

Define desired outcomes for event & attendees

Create a workable budget

Create RFP's

Create sponsor packet

Create vendor / exhibitor packet

Create a marketing plan

Create a plan of execution from beginning to end

Strategy Session

This strategy session will clarify what the event will look like, how it will flow, the outcomes for you and your attendees, plus all the nitty gritty details in a plan of action for every aspect of the event.

This strategy session can be for a simple one day workshop or a multi-day, multi-track conference with a vendor / exhibitor day and everything in between.

I will work with you during our strategy session to brain storm and define your vision. Once we are clear on what we'd like the event to be and why, I will then create a very specific road map to get you to your destination.



Price depends on size of event

All the things included in a strategy session plus...

Contract negotiation with all vendors

(food & beverage, venue, decor, hotel, A/V, etc...)

Maintain all communication with speakers, vendors,

exhibitors, contractors, & your team

Manage all administrative tasks related to the event

Onsite event team to expedite and handle every last detail

and so much more...

Event Management

This is the ultimate stress reliever of them all! If you hire Events by KelleyNCo to manage your event, you have hired a complete concierge service for your event. You are only responsible for brainstorming during the strategy session, signing contracts and showing up to enjoy your event. You are not required to worry about every little detail or email. That's on us!

This is the highest level of service and we take it very seriously. Once we get together for the very intensive strategy session, we will create the plan of action with your approval then start expediting the plan to fruition.

Our goal is to take all the pressure off of you so you can focus on your own zone of genius.



No minimum required


Ask for tweaks to current plan

Discuss best options for sponsorships/vendors/exhibitors

Together, create a marketing plan for your event

Many other reasons to add to your event's brain trust


Consulting is for the person or team that has the know how and time to plan and execute their event but want an expert to bounce ideas off of, confirm the flow or just to add to the brain trust of the event.

There is no minimum number of hours. After the first hour we bill in increments of 15 minutes.